Life Is Short, Stay Awake For Caribou Coffee!!


hello there!! Caribou Coffee coming to Bandung!! their 2nd branch, officialy open for public at 2 april 2016 at Paris Van Java Mall…

didirikan sejak tahun 1992, caribou coffee adalah coffee house terkemuka di amerika serikat dengan ratusan gerai yang tersebar di berbagai negara di dunia…. nah caribou coffee adalah jaringan coffee house pertama yang menyajikan 100% kopi dan espresso bersertifikat rainforest alliance, dan menggunakan Top 1% biji kopi arabica pilihan terbaik… dibawah manajemen Mahadya Group, Caribou Coffee dibawa masuk ke Indonesia… group inilah yang sebelumnya telah berhasil membawa brand terkenal lainnya seperti Carl’s Jr, Wingstop, dan supermarket LOKA…

nah, disini pun Brother D diajarkan seni menikmati coffee, tidak hanya sekedar meminum coffee nya saja, melainkan bagaimana kita merasakannya, mulai dari aroma coffee nya earthy, grainy, sweety, or floral, how we can taste the coffee by the sampling of sunkist and lemon taste, and also the taste of milk from skim milk, medium milk, and full cream… it’s so amazing from me, this is the first coffee shop that teach me that thing… after that, i know what type of coffee that i’d love to drink… i’m a chocolate drink lovers, and what’s make i love this place? this place use real chocolate for the drink, so watchout, it will be melted on your mouth, and after that, 1 glass is really not enough, LOL


disini tidak hanya berfokus pada coffee saja loh, karena tersedia aneka cake yang selalu fresh tersedia untuk kalian setiap harinya… mulai dari roti bagel, danish, sandwich hingga sweet cake…


this is the slow bar, which you can make your custom coffee by the barista… that’s why a good coffee made up from love…


the bagel and hot drinks, near fireplace, YES!! this is real fireplace set up if you search some warm place… this is so instagenic place too.. so tell your friend, that you should take a pic in this place 😀

Turtle Mocca (Rp. 48.000,-)

this drink will remains you about your childhood… so nostalgic with real dark chocolate, marshmallows, and chocolate chips.. it’s really different chocolate drink that i’ve drank at another place…

Apricot Danish (Rp. 20.000,-)

all of bread and cakes in here freshly baked everyday… and this one is apricot danish… the danish so crunchy and the layer smooth and creamy, with apricot topping 🙂 so sweet and savoury 🙂


fresh bread from the oven!! you must taste this tenderloin sandwich, it use tenderloin meat, with some mushrooms sauce… OMG!! I Must said the taste is awesome…


and This is ME!! with Mehdi Zaidi, COO of Mahadya Group, and i’ll take a photo with marketing manager Caribou Coffee from mineasotta too, but i’ve lost my photo, hiks

Finally, What do you waiting for? Life is Short Guys, Stay Awake For Coffee, Go Grab your coffee at caribou Paris Van Java 🙂

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